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You, Me & Cycling was born out of the need to document the best moments of my cycling experiences. In the meantime, it has become a platform that offers tips on routes, cycling hotels, the best pass roads as well as technical aspects of cycling. Above all, however, it is a reflection of my work as a content creator. The technical platform for it is the WordPress CMS, combined with a few extensions it becomes a complex web application. The traffic is mainly generated organically via search engines, so Search Engine Optimisation SEO is an important part of the implementation. Especially in the long tail, there are numerous well-ranked page links. 

The feature 100 legendary road bike climbs: is based on a MapBox map with various information about the characteristics of the important road bike roads.

Personal Contribution

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Road Cycling & Gravel Blog

A great passion for years: the racing bike and the documentation of the experiences with it. is the platform for this. Design, Wordpress programming, idea and content by Henri and Anton.

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