Hyundai Ionic 5, to the power of 5 Event Concept

The new power: the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is the manufacturer’s first all-electric small car. Under the motto IONIQ to the power of 5, a comprehensive concept including a new design world was created, which was based on the 5 pillars:

  • Design: the power of experience.
  • Code: the power of intelligence.
  • System: the power of the ecosystem.
  • Lifestyle: Superpower for all.
  • Me: Iā€˜m empowered now.

The challenge of developing a holistic concept was well met for the launch of the Hyundai IONIC 5. The name was the programme of the event: 5 themes at 5 locations. The event design was inspired by the headlight design in pixel form. Sometimes inspiration is very close and yet a winning idea emerges from it.

Personal Contribution

Conception and Design of the car launch event in Oslo, Norway. Including Corporate Design.


The project was created for Schmidhuber Brand Experience GmbH.

External Link: Schmidhuber Brand Experience