VW Brand Strategy & Concept for Retail and Exhibition

As part of my work as a freelance concept developer, I created various concepts for Volkswagen. It was important to define the basic strategy, develop an idea for a common thread and a holistic customer journey. The challenge with many spatial projects such as brand exhibitions or dealer communication is often the integration of digital elements in the pre- and post-communication. The now omnipresent QR code is often seen in this context, but it is not the only tool. My approach here is – as with Steve Krug: “Don’t make me think”. Communication solutions must be easy to experience and must not present any technical obstacles for users, no matter how complex the technology is in the background.

The orientation of the communication strategy is often pronounced, but is overlooked when the project is highly complex. The example of electric mobility shows it: besides the challenges such as charging infrastructure, battery charging times and range, one topic should be in the foreground: the fun of electric driving.

Services Provided

Idea, Concept


The Volkswagen Retail and Autostadt Pavilion concepts were created for Schmidhuber Experience and Avantgarde in Munich.