DURAVIT strategy and creative concept for ISH Frankfurt 2023

The basic conceptual idea for the 2023 stand design was provided by the Duravit campaign launched in 2022: Upgrade Your Everyday. The core of the campaign focused on the statement that the bathroom is a very personal place and that the moment within this place becomes a very personal one. “We transform bathrooms into living spaces. Living spaces that enhance your personal well-being.” This is the “You Moment”.
Following this idea, the live communication elements become the “You Experience” with the individual “You Places”.

The definition of the “You Place”: The You Place is a place where I can be completely with myself, personally and individually. A place that tells me stories and takes mine. A place of individuality and creative freedom. A place where my wishes are understood, and my needs are transformed into solutions.
A universal design principle was developed for the realisation of these you places, which was primarily intended to connect the individual staging ideas conceptually. The individual “you places” were framed by the Duravit Brand Exchange Zone, a central communicative exchange and lounge zone.

Persönliche Leistung

Idee, Konzept


Das Konzept für Duravit ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Studio Bachmannkern aus Solingen entstanden.

Externer Link: Studio Bachmannkern