SIOLS corporate design and brand strategy

Together with the Munich-based manufacturer of performance sports eyewear, a completely new brand identity was created in 2020. In addition to the logo, typography and graphic design, special emphasis was placed on the strategic orientation of the brand and the direct marketing channels. Thus, the brand name and product names, all packaging and also the social media channels are fundamentally repositioned.

The inspiration for the basic design comes from the products themselves. The lenses of the sports glasses have colour-intensive mirroring. Exactly these colour spectrums are imitated for the corporate design.

SIOLS Corporate Design

Hashtags like #siolsvision or #sportsvision are used on the social media channels but also in the corporate print design.

Persönliche Leistung

Logo Development, Corporate Design and Manuals, Packaging

Brand Design

Das gesamte Projekt umfasst sowohl die Erarbeitung des Corporate Designs für SIOLS Sportbrillen wie auch die Produktion des Gesamtkatalogs und diverser Verpackungsformate.

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