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Content creation for social media and blog posts is more than just posting smartphone photos on Facebook. Especially after the success of TikTok, moving images are becoming more critical, but storytelling is also an essential component of the content. The indicator of the success of social media posts is the commitment of the followers or visitors. The more comments, the better the contribution performs on the social media platform and is therefore rated higher. Overall, a good ratio of followers and the resulting engagement is essential. In other words: if there are many followers and little engagement, the suspicion that these are bought followers is obvious.
I try to build up long-term social media accounts of customers with high-quality posts and good storytelling.

The orientation of the posts depends heavily on the topic of the social media channel: is it about employer branding or about setting up an Instagram web shop? Are influencers used or are there other types of multipliers? Many questions have to be clarified in advance – a social media strategy is also essential to be successful.

The media production itself certainly does not require a production team – however, a smart phone alone will rarely be sufficient, even though many things are possible with modern mobile phones. I am happy to support you from strategy to media production and account management.

A useful extension of social media measures is the integration of animated branded GIFs on Instagram. The path chosen is via the platform.

Personal Contribution

Photography, Photo Editing, Video, Video Editing, Motion Design, Content-Produktion, Storytelling

Content Creation

Creating content for social media and blogs is always linked to the idea of ​​telling a story, whether it’s a photo or a video. Storytelling is the essential factor to captivate the audience.

Instagram: Henri Cycling in Paradise