Shopify Webshop Design, Concept and Realization for SIOLS

The development of a webshop depends on many decisions in the planning phase. One of the most essential is the choice of the shop system. Well-known representatives such as Shopware and Magento are somewhat more expensive than the complete webshop system Shopify. The SIOLS B2C webshop is based on Shopify and serves as a brand hub both directly for end customers and for social media stores. My insight in this context is that as long as the available features of Shopify also cover the customer’s needs, Shopify is a very good solution. There are even good solutions for connecting to existing ERP systems. In terms of design, depending on the chosen theme, a wide range of customisation is possible.

Personal Contribution

Design, Shopify Coding, eCommerce Strategy


The entire project includes both the development of the B2C and B2B digital strategy as well as design and content creation for various digital platforms.

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