Audi Experience Digital Event Pass

The Audi Experience Pass transformed the Audi show floor at the 2016 Paris Motor Show into a digital brand experience. Thanks to NFC technology, visitors experienced personalised interactions directly on their smartphones. Visitors are familiar with the innovative technology of the pass from the digital boarding passes of airlines. The use of the pass technology avoids the app store and downloading an event app.

It is even user-friendly when registering: instead of typing data into a form, a microsite offers a short chat that shows how the car company deepens the dialogue with its customers.

The idea won the Red Dot Award in 2017.

Personal Contribution

Concept and idea of the Event Pass format.

Digital Interaction Design Context

The concept design for the Audi Q2 Launch was created during my time as creative director at Mutabor Design in Hamburg.

Video Link: Mutabor Design