What I do

Comprehensive design of trade fair, exhibition and brand presentation spaces. Creative project management throughout the entire process. Conception and design support of exhibits of any kind. Design and technical conception of digital applications. Concepts and storyboarding video projects. Content development for exhibitions and corporate projects. Implementation of corporate graphics and design projects. See a selection of my recent projects.

How I do it

Because of my interdisciplinary education and many various projects, I can draw from a very wide range of knowledge and inspiration. To find new solutions, I let myself be inspired by both artistic, technical as well as everyday objects and processes.

My scientific education is often the basis of my creative design processes. Tension is created between predictable design systems and free inspiration, the result of symbiotic solutions of function and aesthetics.

Why I do this

My enthusiasm for technical things was already there during childhood days. Analysing technical systems to get to the bottom of their functionality was an early passion of mine from an early age. I have kept this curiosity and fascination to this day. The challenge in complex projects basically always lies in grasping them and translating or making them available again for customers or target groups, which is why each process starts with analysis accordingly.

My openness towards new topics, projects and challenges constantly brought me in contact with new and different tasks so that I permanently find myself in a very exciting learning process. One of the reasons why I love what I do.

This ever-growing range of knowledge and my radius of inspiration thus reach far beyond general trends. My aspiration is to create new things and to present unusual methods of solution.